If you want to make your dream house come to life, architects and home builders are needed to collaborate as a team. The homebuilders are the ones responsible for putting up the structure. But a lot of people are not totally aware of the vital role that architects serve when it comes to the home design process. Here’s a glimpse of the major roles of architects that all people planning to build their own homes must know.  

Choosing and buying land 

Looking for a building site and constructing a custom home is the first step to take. Architects can give insight into the properties available within your area. Together with your ideas and goals, they can assess the potential of the lot and detect any issues that might need some compromise in design.  

After purchasing the land, architects can refer you to a certified soil engineer and surveyor for the tests and site survey needed before pouring the foundation of the home.  

A thorough description of the requirements of building a house 

As soon as you’ve finalized the land acquisition, the architect will then prepare a written description of the requirements needed for the project, including: 

  • Style preferences and considerations 
  • Special requests from the customers, like solar heating 
  • Information about which rooms have afternoon heat, morning sun, or optimal views. 
  • The outlined flow of traffic from one room to another 
  • A detailed list of room sizes and rooms 

Based on the list mentioned above, reputable architects Orange County can effectively estimate the home’s size and get ready to make an estimate for a building cost. Then, when the estimated expenses go over the budget, they can give you recommendations about the potential modifications you can do to cut some costs on your designs.  

Preliminary Design 

As soon as the cost estimations and the size have been established, architects will be visiting the construction site and come up with a thorough site analysis. Your trusted architects will be considering several factors such as the landscape’s character, site restrictions, and neighboring homes. After that, they will prepare a sketch that displays the driveway access and your home’s location. Moreover, they will start to create an interior layout for your house that’ll eventually be the plans utilized by your chosen custom home constructor.  

Design development 

During this process, architects will give concept sketches that the buyers can review. According to their response about the design, it will be finalized until the concept they have is in line with the vision of the buyers. During this time, the architect will begin to finalize the drawings of the design. As a result, the concept sketches will be drawn on a massive scale and details like mechanical and structural considerations will be included in it.  

Construction documents 

Ultimately, the architects can prepare the ultimate CDs, which include important related documents and architectural plans so that a custom home builder will be quoting the project accurately and will eventually build the house.